Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rosebud Bag by Julie Cashin

This is the Rosebud Bag by Julie Cashin. Julie is a local designer in CT. Her patterns can only be bought locally. I buy mine at my LYS, Creative Fibers in Windsor CT. Their website is http://www.creativefibersonline.com/ , but they do not currently have online salaes. If you MUST own it, you can probably call the owner, Laura, and arrange a phone order. If you're local, they are doing a class in March. But I am a wee bit impatient, so I bought the pattern and supplies and made it myself (in 2 weekends). When I saw the sample at the store, I just had to have it!

It's made with Lamb's Pride Worsted in Black, Kiwi and Raspberry.
I am now ready to begin my next bag which I think is going to be the Round Lattice Noni bag. I have the supplies ready and waiting....more soon.


  1. Love this bag Deb!!! esp the colors a great combo for sure!!! and esp like the shape of the bag!!! I know you'll enjoy it for a long time!! Hugs Linda