Sunday, May 20, 2007

This is a bag I designed for a co-worker. She fell in love with my Rose Bag but wanted a tote bag shape and wanted longer knitted straps so she could wear it over her shoulder. I made an i-cord closure that loops over the middle rose to close the tote. The lining is all black (again what the customer wanted), and has a zippered pocket. I put a piece of plastic canvas in the bottom before sewing in the lining to help the bottom keep it's rectangular shape. Before you ask, I never wrote down the pattern as I went a long. LOL Live and learn I guess. This is my first design.


  1. It's gorgeous! You should write up the pattern and sell it. If you can sell bags--and you can--you can sell patterns!

    I've never designed anything. Okay, I did, but it was several years ago, and it's okay, but nothing to get excited about. Just a t-top. I'd totally forgotten that.

  2. I love this bag. Too bad there's no pattern. But, where did you get the pattern for the roses...or is that your own pattern too? I'm sure your co-worker will be thrilled with her new bag. KM