Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Bucket List - Things I want to do and places I want to go before I die

Things I want to do:
Drink Vodka in Russia
Drive on the Pacific Coast Highway in California (cliffs)
Experience Har ki Pouri in Haridwar (India)
Get an Ayurveda Massage
Go on an African Safari
Go to Carnival in Rio
Ride a Horse 
Ride a cowboy (or least take a picture with the Times Square Naked Cowboy)
Scuba Diving
Visit the Great Pyramids 
See the Hollywood Sign
Visit a Step Well (India)
Visit a Ghost Town and an old Mine in Silverton, Colorado

Places I want to go:
Block Island
Cape Cod
Coney Island
Grand Canyon
Italy (especially Rome and Venice)
Las Vegas
Martha's Vineyard
Mount Rushmore and Wall Drug Store/Black Hills South Dakota
Rio de Janiro 
San Antonio (The Alamo)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio
San Diego
San Francisco 
Santa Monica Pier
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Yellowstone Park /Old Faithful
The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota
Williamsburg, Virginia
Winchester Mystery House in San Jose
Zion National Park, Utah

Foods I want to try:
Breadfruit (Philippines)
Cherymoya (custard apple - South America)
Cocona (South America)
Duku (Asia)
Horned Melon
Jabuticaba (Brazil)
Mammee Apple (Mamey Apple or Santo Domingo Apricot - South America)
Platonia (Brazil)
Rambutan (Chinese sucker - Southeast Asia and Costa Rica)
Safou (Africa)
Sugar Apple (India)


Things I Have Done :

Caribbean Cruise
Crawled under razor wire with live rounds flying a few inches above me
Driven a Humvee down a severely steep incline and through a lake
Driven my own snowmobile (I want to do this as an adult. Haven't since I was a kid)
Eat Indian Food in India
Fired an M16, M60, LAW, AT-4, Beretta, .38 revolver, Colt 45
Fishing with my Dad and Grandfather
Flown in a helicopter
Ice fishing
Ice Skating
Mud obstacle course (Rugged Maniac) 09/2012
Rode a wave-runner
Rode a Camel  (India) 
Rode my bicycle from Springfield MA, to Boston
Rode my bicycle across the entire state of CT
Saw the Taj Mahal (India)
Saw the Terracotta Soldiers
Served in the Army
Smelting (tiny fish)
Snow skiing
Thrown a live grenade
Walked on the Great Wall of China
Watched the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) dance in the nighttime sky
Water skiing
Zip Line 09/2012

Places I Have Been:
Anniston, AL
Atlanta Braves Stadium
Atlanta, GA (1992-1995)
Atlantic City
Bar Harbor, ME
Basketball Hall of Fame
Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai China (April 2011)
Bermuda (Nov 2014)
Cancun Mexico (July 2001)
Chattanooga, TN
Chicago (July 2010)
Dallas, Texas
Disney World
Fenway Park
Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada
IKEA (finally!)
India (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaiselmer, Pushkar) (Nov 2012)
London and Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (@2000)
Mt Katahdin (northern end of Appalachian Trail)
Mystic Seaport
New Orleans
Newport Mansions, RI
Niagara Falls (both sides) (Canada as a child and US 7/2010)
Savannah, GA
Scotland (@2000)
Stone Mountain, GA
Washington D.C 

Foods I have eaten:
Asian pear (label also called it a Korean Pear) - (this was very good. Crisp and VERY juicy)
Blood orange (another nice citrus fruit)
Cactus pear ( was ok, watery and bland)
Fried kool-aid
Fried pickles
Fried seaweed
Kulfi (Saffron and Pistachio Indian Ice Cream made with milk)
Kumquats (yummmmm)
Lime Pickles (India)
Mango Pickles (India)
Papaya (bland - not a favorite)
Persimmon (pretty good)
Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)
Real Chinese food
Ugli fruit (nice citrus fruit)

I'll update this often. Please feel free to comment or give your suggestions. If you decide to do this, please link back to me and let me know!


  1. Bucket List
    1. Get enough money to have a Bucket List. ;)

  2. I saw your post on our group at Ravelry and thought I'd check out your bucket!

    Bravo for you for being open to new things! I think I take things for granted because I live in San Francisco and am exposed to so much diversity that I forget that many people live in areas where they have to seek out different things. Many don't bother, but you realize that there are things to experience!

    As a matter of fact, I need to take advantage of what I have around me more often!

    (Ravelry: tapmouse2)

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    Papaya is great but it needs to be ripe.
    Have you had mangoes? Pomegranate (YYUMMM!). Breadfruit?
    You need to add scuba diving in the tropics to your list. You haven't lived unless you've done it.
    Is the whatever-basket movie good? Should I go see it?
    Love Kris

  4. I've tried Pomegranate (just ate one a couple weeks ago). Since it wasn't after I decided to do this, I didn't put it in the list, but I think i will add another list of non-ordinary things I have eaten and really like. Pomegranates are so yummy!

    Not sure what Breadfruit is. I'll have to research that one!

    Off to add Scuba diving to my list. (I have actually always waned to do it but was tired of listing things by the tim I got to my bucket list. LOL I've gone parasailing and snorkeling and ridden on waverunners. I take those for granted but most people haven't done them. But I am going to put that on a list too.

  5. Lychee are the BEST! You should try them soon. My grandmother was born in China so I got exposed to weird Chinese fruit growing up, like lychee and pommelos.

    I am sure there are more foods you should try, I just have to think of them. I will ponder it and get back to you. Maybe skyr, you can get it at Whole Foods and it is so low-calorie and tasty. I was so excited when it made it to the States.

  6. For foods to try I'd say wild plum jam, choke cherry jam, Omaha Steaks in Omaha (we never let any of the good ones out of state. No lie. I had a steak house in D.C, refuse to serve me because they said I would be disappointed.) Take warm clothes when you go to San Francisco. Summers there are damp and chilly especially if you are used to heat. Santa Barbara is the prettiest place I have ever been. Mountains on one side, the ocean on the other and everything from the ground up to the trees is flowering. Have you been to D.C.? Grand Canyon? Mount Rushmore? Take the Helicopter ride over Mt. Rushmore. Expensive but really cool. You get a really different understanding of the geology. Alberta Canada where the sky goes on for miles and miles and miles. Too bad you can't hitchhike anymore. That was really exciting and interesting. Have you ever owned a motorcycle? Learning to ride and fix one is a great experiance.

  7. I LOVE lychees! Great list of big and small. Good luck! Have you ridden a horse? Didn't see that. Will you ride an elephant in India? I'd love that.

  8. I have ridden a horse, but only once and it was bareback. I thought of putting that on there. Thanks for the reminder.