Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Med Mod

We had to modify A's meds today. Stating last night sh was complaining that it was hard to breathe. She was taking a double dose in the mornings and evenings, so beginning tonight we are going to cut it in half. I lucked into the 50mg dose on clearance at Walgreen's, so I bought the last 4 bottles. Hopefully, she will be ok with the new dose and we can continue it, but if not, I only lost $20. It's worth the gamble because I got them for a third of their original price.

I also picked her up some Sugar Free Reese's cups, SF Andes Candies and SF York Peppermint Patties. She's been craving candy since we cut out the sugar, so hopefully these will help. I have already warned her not to eat more than 1 piece a day since SF candies can have a laxative effect. That's all this poor kid needs!

Not much else going on. I skipped my weigh in tonight. I have knitting tomorrow and don't want to be out two nights in a row, so soon after everything. I'm still being good. My aerobics class today was awesome. We did upper body strength training. I'm toning up nicely. I saw the perfect shirt at Hot Topic this weekend. It said, "Call the vet, these puppies are sick" and it had a picture of a guy flexing his muscles. If it was a woman I would have bought it LOL.

I bought a couple of really cool glasses this weekend at Lens Crafters (and some prescription sunglasses). I'll try to take a picture soon so you can see my new hair color and each set of glasses. One pair is brown plastic, the other are clear (yes completely see through) and the sun glasses remind me of a 60's Hollywood actress.