Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Traffic Cone

Each Christmas in our city, they hold a huge drive-thru light display called Bright Nights. It was fun the first few years, but after living here for 7 years and battling the traffic along with the inconsiderate idiots who drive in the wrong lane and then cut you off once they get to the end of their lane, after you have waited in traffic in the correct lane for 15-20 minutes for the past 1/2 mile, it can get pretty obnoxious after awhile.

They take our normally 4 lane main road and cut it into a Bright Nights lane and then two travel lanes going in opposite directions. These are "mapped out" with miles of orange traffic cones. While driving through the mess at the beginning of this holiday season, my oldest daughter, "E" tried to get to me to stop and steal a cone for her. It became pretty funny after awhile. Every time I slowed down for traffic, she acted like she as going to open her door while looking to me for approval. Needless to say, although the urge was great, we did not succumb to the temptation and arrived at home without a traffic cone.

After the girls left for Florida last week, I decided that it was would be pretty hilarious if I crocheted the adorable little traffic cone pattern I saw on Ravelry and wrap it up for her for Christmas.

They arrived home at 10pm last night. When we got home from the airport we had "Christmas". This kid got Uggs (from her Dad) ($160), Nike AF1 sneakers ($75), a scrumptiously soft hooded bathrobe from Bath and Body Works, Skinny Jeans, Timberland Boots and a bunch of other assorted stuff (not to mention the Wii I bought for the family), yet, when she opened this gift, she proclaimed that it was her favorite present!

Folks......it's moments like these that matter most!

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