Saturday, April 04, 2009

Nutmeg Spinning Guild - April Meeting

Abby Franquemont was the guest speaker. I'm totally bummed that I had pre-decided to leave at lunch and made a commitment to go to the car dealer because she did ABSOLUTELY no spinning in the first half of the meeting. I'm not sure if she will spin after lunch but i will be evilly jealous of my friends if she does. But, alas, I need a new car......
I finally learned to spin with a spindle today. I have been spinning for just over a year on a wheel. I tend to jump into things with both feet and usually put the cart before the horse. So, this backwards learning is normal for me. HAH! I bought a "beginner" spindle at Rhinebeck last year and had yet to dig it out and try. So, I packed it up this morning with some Coopworth fiber that I have an ass load of and skipped off to guild. After about 20 VERY frustrating minutes of trying to spin and draft that fiber, I gave up (I know I'm impatient!) and went back to the vendors and bought a beautiful, but inexpensive smaller spindle that would spin faster so I could try lace weight and some BFL from "The Painted Sheep" that would be easier to draft. I tried spinning with that for about 20 more VERY frustrating minutes and found that it wobbled too much. So i went back to the vendor and asked if she would consider taking the spindle back for an upgrade to a more expensive spindle that would be easier for a beginner to use but still light enough to do lace weight. I settled on a beautiful all wood spindle that I would tell you the name of except my fiber is currently wound over the top of the name. ;0) I'll get back to you on it!

But here it is.....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sundara Yarn Collection

I finally got into a Sundara Sock yarn Collection. I signed up for Summer. The description of the colors sound like they will lean toward what I like, so my fingers are crossed. These will be my first skeins of Sundara Yarn so I am excited. The sign ups are here, if you are interested. They just opened today.