Sunday, September 16, 2007

ANOTHER Ravelry update

You signed up on July 7, 2007
You are #14790 on the list.
1487 people are ahead of you in line.
18211 people are behind you in line.
40% of the list has been invited so far

Almost there!!!!

I just spent a couple hours taking pictures of my yarn and works in progress, and writing down the details of each yarn as I photographed it so I am ready to play when the big day gets here. So many more people have joined since I started watching for my time to come. I can't believe how many people are behind me now. I am sooo glad I signed up back in July when i still had no clue what I was signing up for. LOL


  1. Good news on the Ravelry blog this week.

    "By casey on News

    We are now inviting 500-600 users a day! We’re now plowing through the clump of people that signed up after the Yarn Harlot posted about us in (eek) July. "

    You should get your invite really soon! Come and visit me when you login - "kamcole".

    Have a great week - I'm hard at work on your October package.

    SP 11

  2. LOL I just read that too and looked to see that there are now only 486 people ahead of me so that must mean I will have it when I get home from work tomorrow night...and I have to go watch the kids soccer practice....arghhhhh you damn little devil on my shoulder! I have to!

  3. Put your pictures in Flickr (spelling) and they'll be ready to go into ravelry when you get there. I'm just now starting to figure it out a little tiny bit, but haven't put any stash in there at all yet.

  4. Wow, you were way ahead of me. I didn't know what all was going to be involved, so I only have a fraction of my projects in, and I don't have pictures of any of my stash! I have to find time to go through my study with pen and paper in hand, sometime soon!

    Saw you on ravelry, I love your icon. I think I've seen that one before, I was wondering if you were an LJer, but maybe I've just seen someone else with the icon.

  5. (by the way, I'm celticdragonfly on Ravelry