Saturday, December 01, 2007

Death of Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel

Not sure if you heard this or even remember who he is, but Evel Knievel passed away yesterday. I was watching a story on ESPN about his life and it brought back many memories from the 70’s. At the end, it said his real name was Robert Craig Knievel, son of Robert and Ann (Craig) Knievel of Montana. My maiden name is Craig so I sent an email to my sister and brothers saying, “I wonder if...”

One of my brothers just replied with this, “I thought you knew he was a relative of ours. Call dad and have him make a copy of his info from the Craig family book.” (a relative of ours did a complete genealogy of our family and made it into a book. My dad has a copy).

Isn’t that COOL?? If my family talked about it back in the 70’s, as young as I was, I wouldn’t remember it.

And now that I have been reading a little bit about him, I have found that before he started his daredevil career, he sold Insurance for “Combined Insurance Company of America”. Coincidentally, the company I work for acquired that Insurance Company a few years ago, so I work for the same Company as he did. WEIRD!!


  1. It is a small world indeed. Very interesting. Do you have that daredevil streak in you? Hope you're well! I'm still enjoying my coffee ;-)