Saturday, June 14, 2008

2008 Woolgirl Sock Club 2nd installment

I got my sock club package today. It's "Frogging" themed. (Rip-it. Rip-it. Rip-it. :) Everything has to do with Tree Frogs. I'm not crazy about tree frogs but everything is so cute. The yarn colorway is not something I would have picked out for myself but I think they'll be cool knit up and you can't beat GREEN. The pattern is called Froggin' and is designed by Lisa Dykstra. The yarn is Froggin by Dashing Dachs (I got sport weight. We had the choice of fingering or sport for some packages). There was also a couple of little frogs that my kids inherited, a frog pencil that went to "A", a frog lollipop that went to "M" and some other things that are shown in bigger pictures below:

Here is a close up of the yarn. Definitely not something I would have picked up but I LOVE IT. Every one is handpainted and the colors differ. Some have more blue, more orange or more red. I can't tell yet, but mine looks to be pretty even for all colors.
Here is the cutest notebook I have ever seen. It's a key ring!

Then we have a stitch marker made out of clay. The detail is amazing and it is so tiny. Look at my thumbnail for comparison. It is from WeeOnes at . I think these frogs are exclusive but they have some really cute ones. Check them out! (I've made clay stitch markers. These are incredibly small and the designer is hugely talented!)

This is a hand-crafted bamboo 1 inch square stitch gauge with Frog designs etched into it. You can find them at

and finally, a calculator engraved with "Woolgirl 2008 Sock Club" to count stitches when, inevitably, you need to "frog" a project.

I'm so glad I joined this club. I will definitely join again next year!

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  1. A wonderful club package!!! :)

    I am very impressed!