Monday, November 28, 2011 favorite city in the world!

I say it is my favorite city and that is comparing it to London, NYC and Chicago.  The energy was awesome. I couldn't get enough of it.

There isn't much history to find in Shanghai since the city is modern in comparison to the other cities we visited.  We did visit the Jade Buddha Temple though.

Outside of the temple was the most beautiful pond filled with Koi.

All of my complaints about touristy things in Beijing were out the door in Shanghai. I just had to go on the Tourist Tunnel.   It was this single train car that you stood up in that travels underneath the river from the old side of Shanghai to the new side.  The tunnel is lined with lights and they strobe so that it feels like you are in some sci-fi movie.  Tacky but fun.

One on the other side, we walked around and looked at the buildings. There isn't much to do over there, but we wanted to go over just to walk around.  Below is the TV tower.

On the old side of the river, some parts of the city seem to be stuck in a time warp.

Laundry day?

The homes must be small. This kitchen is outside. I can just imagine how expensive it is to live within the city, though.

The best part for me, though, was the way the city lit up at night.

 Even the elevated highway was lit underneath with neon lights.

 Even with all of the modern elements, we still found some beauty. This garden was so gorgeous.  One thing the Chinese get right, for sure, is their gardens.  sigh

Outside of these gardens is this tea house (Huxington Tea House).  It sits in the middle of a pond and the only way to get to it is on a zig-zag bridge which was built that way because the undead (zombies) can only walk in a straight line and they wanted to keep them out. No tea for you!

Once again, I have food pictures.  We had the most amazing meals in Shanghai.  

 Here are some shrimp dumplings that were so delicate and so tasty. Above is fried pork which was one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted.

Below are dry-fry string beans. Yep, they're smothered in pork, just how I love my string beans. LOL

Below is bread and butter which sounds normal, but this is China people. I don't do anything normal. I don't know why, but this was extra yummy too!

The best meal experience we had the whole trip was when we went to eat Xialongbao  (show long bow - short o on show and bow)

Xiaolongbao are dumplings that contain broth. You have to nibble them and drink the broth before eating or you will scald your mouth. They are very flavorful and I would love to find somewhere in the US where they make authentic ones.

The sauce they give you to dip stuff in is not soy sauce as most people think. It is some sort or vinegar and it is really good. I wish I knew what kind it was so I could buy some to use at home.

When walking to get lunch we happened upon this fully functional clear plastic car.  Isn't it cool?

This is our guide in Shanghai. She was so sweet and we felt so comfortable with her. It was so hard to say good bye. Hopefully we'll see each other again.

This is the view I had for most of our visit in Shanghai. In China, friends loop arms and walk together.  It's just the normal way to bond and spend time together.  Nice custom.

I have millions more pictures but can't post them all. I hope you enjoyed the update. Sorry it took so long to post.

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