Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Indian Sari Refashion

Last year I was browsing through my local thrift store, Savers, and found the most beautiful Indian Sari. I knew I would never wear a Sari nor was I a size 2, but I was drawn to the fabric and just couldn't leave it behind.  It had a really cool design on the edge that made me think of a tunic I had seen somewhere before so I decided to buy it with plans to transform it into a tunic.

I searched the web for a tunic pattern and finally found The Schoolhouse Tunic.

Recently, I caught the sewing bug again (thanks to my china raincoat project) and have been scouring the web for ideas to upcycle or refashion items in my closet or items I find at thrift stores.  Finally jumping into this project felt intimidating but I really wanted to make something unique that no one else would have (which is most of my style).

I ripped the seams out of the tunic and laid it out on my dining room floor.  No matter how I moved the pattern pieces around, I could not get it to all fit on so I decided to make it a size smaller.  Still, it seemed hopeless getting the pieces laid out.  I said a small prayer, shuffled them around again and voila! The only way to make the puzzle pieces fit, lined up the neckline of the tunic right on the edge pattern that had inspired me to do a tunic in the first place.

Here is a picture of my adorable youngest daughter modeling it for me (since it is now my new weight loss goal so I can fit into it myself).

I had to do seams in the middle of the back pieces because the fabric wasn't wide enough, but I think it looks like it was supposed to be made that way.  I LOVE it!

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