Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Needle Case

I have been looking for a knitting needle case that is a good price and big enough, with enough pockets, to hold my crochet hooks and other various knitting/crochet paraphernalia. I couldn't find any that I liked that were worth the price for the materials or design. So I decided to make my own.
This took me about an hour last night. It's complete with quilting, and two rows of pockets. I didn't spend a cent on it. I had the material left over from the days when I was crazy about making clothes for my kids, the batting was from my days as a quilter, and the ribbon is from my scrapbooking stash. yep - I'm a multi-dimensional crafter. LOL

No pattern was used. :)
I can't figure out how to show it rolled up in this same post so my next post will show it rolled up.


  1. Ooh, that is really pretty!!!

  2. That is awesome, I know how to sew but to take out the machine, and actually sew... ugh.... that would mean I would have to stop knitting.

  3. Hi there! Got your link from the ample knitters group, You did a great job on the needle case! It looks awesome! Hope you don't mind if bookmark you and check back now and then :o)

  4. I love your purse. Hope I can find the book. I have a needle holder for knitting needles that someone gave me but I like yours better because it has a place for the crochet needles as well. Good job. Joanie