Sunday, May 27, 2007

A new goal....warm weather always does this to me

Anyone who has ever been in good physical shape at one time in their life, and is not anymore, will be able to identify with this. I was in the Army. I went through Basic Training in 1990. I left home in a size 16 at 148 pounds and came back 5 months later STILL 148 pounds but in a size 6. That equals a lot less fat and a lot MORE muscle. From there, I gained weight on top of that muscle and have not see 148lbs in a loooong time. I stopped looking at the scale during this time in my life, because no matter how thin I got, I was always very heavy. When I met my husband he was very jealous of my muscular legs, considering the fact that I sat on my a$$ most of the time and he worked out and ran nearly every night.

It's been 7 years since we met and I have gained quite a bit more weight, due to my complacency and contentment. I have had good intentions over the years to lose weight. I even have a very expensive elliptical trainer at the foot of my bed that I have used maybe 5 times in the past 5 years.

I had always hated running, but of course, did a lot of it during training. It always made me feel good afterwards. Now I am always tired and my body aches. I need to get active in order to feel better. I know this, but do not have the willpower to do anything about it.......that is, until yesterday when I was blog spying and read a blog written by a girl named Kris who is in a bag swap with me. So, guess what I did last night? I BOUGHT A NEW PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES!!!! Thanks Kris. I will keep visiting your blog for inspiration. Now I need all of my "blog followers" to keep my true to my goal. :)


  1. Oooooh. A girl after my own heart. When in need of motivation, go shoe shopping! Smart, smart, smart.
    I did 5 miles today for you, Deb. I just moved and was tired out as hell today, total "blob"-ness. Could have napped on the chaise all day if I had let myself. But I remembered you. And I remembered my pledge to myself to be inspiring. So I got into my favourite stretchy flare leg running pants and motion minimizing bra and favourite sea-green/blue top and out I went. I may not have done it if it weren't for you, Deb!!!
    For your new goal, set nice small manageable steps. When I started running I ran between lamp-posts and then walked and then ran and then walked. I started out accumulating 20 minutes of running in this way (so it would take me about 50 minutes) and when I wasn't tired out at the end of the 20, I did running for 2 lamp posts, walk for one, run for 2, etc. Is this how you plan to start? It worked quite well for me.
    Good for you for setting yourself a new goal!!!!
    Love, xoxo Kris
    p.s. You said you've never been on my blog before a short while ago, but my blog, "Wherever I go, There I am" is listed as one of your favourites... I did change the look of it a while back... not sure when/how you found me originally.

  2. The lamp post idea is a great one! I will try that! Sadly, I haven't started running yet. My kids' soccer is in full swing still but will be ending soon. My oldest daughter told me that she would run with me when she came to visit in a couple weeks so maybe I will try your idea then!

    I am not sure how I found your blog, but I know it was a post on one of the groups I belong to (bagaholic maybe?). Funny that I didn't even realize it was the same blog/person. Makes me look not-so-bright! LOL

    Off to post on your blog now...

  3. HI Deb!

    Boy, can I relate! I was the same way - joined the Army, and came back from Ft. Jackson 20 pounds heavier, wearing two sizes smaller! Over the past 25 years, I have yo-yo'd up and down (more up than down, lol), and have recently hit my all-time high - twice what I weighed when I came home from basic training. I commute 75 minutes one-way to work, and sit here driving a computer all day. I am trying to be more active, and eat more healthy foods, but I feel like I am too far gone. Your post encouraged me to keep working at it and not give up. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Hi Deb,
    You don't have to go for any more than 5 minutes at a time to start making progress, you know. Don't wait until the perfect time to start running, as there isn't such a thing. If you have 5 spare minutes, put on your gear, run 2 lampposts and walk 3 before/between/after the runs and you've done more than you would have if you had not gone. Any stuff you do will make it easier next time. Start now and you will feel very proud of yourself. Every bit counts!
    I did 8 miles for you last night. Thought of you often.

  5. Wow, you people are amazing! I feel good when I get in a 1-mile WALK! Although, I have to say, I did do a whole lotta walking while I was on "vacation"--"forced march" through France, anyone? Now to keep it up!

  6. Okay, sweetums. Time for a pic with you IN your runners, no? I am waiting for the latest and greatest Fitter Knitter update, my dear!