Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm in BIG trouble!!!

I just got my first purchase ever from I am in so much trouble now that I have broken THAT cherry!! There is so much yummy sock yarn on there to be had!!

This one is a superwash wool in a color called Strawberry I have to find the perfect pattern for them. I think I might make Monkey Socks with it!


  1. I have never knit socks. I am not sure I'll ever do so successfully. I get far TOO annoyed with the dps and I haven't yet had success with the 2 circulars method...

  2. Oh, I generally ignore sock knitting patterns because of aforesaid dp needle angst, but I looked at this pattern and they're totally cute!! I like the texture.

  3. How funny, last week I discovered etsy and ordered four balls of hand-painted sock yarn. AND I started a pair of--Monkeys!

    Dpns aren't too bad once you get used to juggling them. But once I get far enough, I usually switch to one long circ; I keep dropping those skinny dpns and losing them.

  4. My only experience with sock knitting is still in a drawer in the guest room. I began a Christmas Stocking (very basic pattern). It was all going well and good until I came to the heel turn. The pattern suddenly seemed to be written in another language at that point. I stuffed the whole thing in a drawer out of frustration.
    I do still fantasize about knitting beautiful, warm and wooly socks like the Monkeys you mentioned, but "so much to knit, and so little time". You know how it is...

  5. Wow!!! Love colors in that yarn! Beautiful!! I hope you have lots of fun knitting it up and share pics when it's done!! The monkey socks look fun!