Thursday, June 07, 2007

THANKS "Spring Felted Bag Exchange" Pal!!!

YIPPEEEEEE!!!! I got this awesome goodie package from my Spring Felted Bag Exchange Pal.

The package included 2 Dagoba chocolate bars. One is dark chocolate, LAVENDER and blueberries and the other is dark chocolate, ROSE HIPS and raspberries. My breath should smell purty after eating these and no moths will try to enter when I inhale. hehehehehehe SNORT! I can't wait to try them.

It also included "Bill Laurie's Seasoning Greetings". The label says that you can use it to jazz up your Ranch dressing, guacamole, and Bloody Mary's". I'll be sure to try the latter very soon! :) I'm looking forward to it!

Next, I received 2 skeins of Kraemer Yarns "Mauch Chunky" in an awesome color called Apricot. Reminds me of Mangoes. YUM!

If you look in the picture, you can see my new little friend sitting on top of the book. It looks like a "Black Sheep" bobble head. AWESOME! LOL Guess my pal has a great sense of humor! (I probably am the black sheep of my family but they're kind enough not to tell me...)

AND FINALLY......the item that caused me to jump up and down, is the Rowan Felted Collection book. I have looked at this book a million times in my LYS and always put it back down and walk away. I absolutely love the bag on the front cover and have coveted it. Now I can make one of my OWN!!! YIPPEEEEE

The packaging even suits me to a "T". I love polka dots, and I especially love Lime Green, Orange, Brown and Teal!!! Now I feel like a schlepp for sending my pals package out without frills and special packaging. ;0)

Thanks Pal! I adore everything and this (even without the bag yet) is my best swap experience EVER! I feel very special tonight. final note about the packaging. Not sure if it was planned, but, it was all packaged in a running shoe box. LOL


  1. I'm glad I could enable you with the sushi wallet kit! :) I hope you like it. I haven't knit mine up yet. Maybe when school is over.

  2. Running shoe box? You don't say? How interesting...

  3. lucky duck! That's an awesome package.

    Here's to hoping my pal sends mine someday...

  4. Deb, how's your running going? (HINT, HINT)

  5. HINT HINT HINT?!?? How did it go?

  6. Hey Deb,
    Okay but you had BETTER do the run tomorrow.
    I have been to the "exotic" London a few times - it was nice, but a bit drab and rainy. I could totally see the appeal of going somewhere international after a relationship breakup. I wanted to move to BC after getting rid of my ex-dufus, recently. I'm not sure how the guys in England feel about Canadian women, tho. Canadians somehow have this reputation for being "friendly," but I often felt as though this also somehow meant we weren't to be taken seriously. (Shrug.) I agree with you about English accents. So lovely. My scuba instructor has that accent and I could sit and listen to him talk all day long.
    Sounds like you had fun at the Yarn Store. Most excellent. Me I've been going to Michael's recently and lying that I didn't get the flyer and could I please get the 40% off this little ball of wool (repeatedly)... hee hee. Don't tell.
    Better get back to knitting. I feel an urge to go to Lululemon and the Liquor Store coming on...

  7. Lululemon is this place wiht slightly expensive but TOTALLY COMFORTABLE casual and exercise clothing.
    I have felt too fat for shorts since I was 13. I don't own a pair except for running. I have decided that this summer I should wear shorts and skirts and not swelter in the summertime heat. I thought I'd buy a pair of Lululemon shorts because they tend to fit my body rather well-ish. But I'm scared to go and see my pillowy thighs in the mirror! I have always had very heavy legs, and now they are heavy and muscular.
    Anyway, that's the explanation for lululemon. check it out at

  8. That is an awesome package! I don't waant to be the bearer of bad news, but, do NOT knit the first pattern in the book (the grey and black purse)! That's the one I knit for my secret pal and had to perform knitting surgery to make it anywhere near passible. That being said, I'm making the cover purse for my ITE IV partner. It should be pretty fool-proof. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  9. LOL I went to check out lululemon and to lemonlulu is exercise clothes and one is CHOCLATE TRUFFLES AND OTHER DELCTABLE THINGS MEANT TO DERAIL YOU!!!