Sunday, October 21, 2007

..back from Rhinebeck (aka New York State Sheep & Wool Festival)

We had a blast! I went with 4 women from the CT SnB group that I knit with once a month (which i am going to try to make at least 2-3 times per month now). The drive up was BEAUTIFUL and I regret not taking my camera. dumb mistake. We went on all back roads through CT and NY. The fall foliage was unbelievable and we passed a number of gorgeous horse farms.

It was great to get to know Eina, Jenna, Margo Lynn and Regina better. I found scary similarities between Eina and me, including our favorite colors (Lime green and Chocolate Brown) and our tendency to gravitate toward the same kind of knitting projects. She is an Art teacher, and I went to school for Art thinking that was what i would eventually do, but it never came to pass.

While walking from one building to another we saw a sheep on it's way to one of the barns, who clearly did not want to be on the leash he was on. Every 10 seconds he said "BAAAAAAAAH" and reminded me of the laugh of Arnold from Happy Days. (the Asian one) (Remember him? BAAAHAHAH)

We got there when it first opened and went straight to Socks that Rock. I bought three skeins figuring it would be nice to leave something for others AND keep my budget intact for the rest of the day.


Watermelon Tourmaline

Oregon Red Clover Honey

I tried to get stuff that I couldn't get anywhere else. I got some Bison yarn which is soooo soft. I am going to make a lace skull cap with it.

Some Aussie sock yarn (Faded Valentine)

some Araucania that was dyed in Chile.

I also got a thrummed mitten kit

and then we went to Morehouse (which is closing it's brick and mortar store and focusing on the web store). I got a heavy weight sock kit, another mitten kit and a lace shawl kit.

I guess I'll be pretty busy for awhile.


  1. rhinebeck sounds so cool... but it is definitely far away for me...

    I love morehouse!

    have fun with your new stash!

    your loopy ewe swap pal

  2. WOW what a haul! Good stuff there, lucky you going to Rhinebeck!