Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm definitely a child of the 70's.....


You had that Fisher Price Doctor's Kit with a stethoscope that actually worked. (actually I didn't but my best friend did and we played with it all of the time)

You owned a bicycle with a banana seat and a plastic basket with flowers on it. (I got mine around 1976 and it was red, White and Blue for the Centennial LOL)

You learned to skate with actual skates (not roller blades) that had metal wheels. (My best friend and I would get dressed in our light pink bodysuits from gymnastics and do roller skating shows in my basement for our parents - we were soooo talented!!)

You had nightmares after watching Fantasy Island . (Yep!!!!)

You had either a "bowl cut" or "pixie", not to mention the "Dorothy Hamill". People sometimes thought you were a boy. (I had a Dorothy Hamill for YEARS!!)

You had Moon boots for snowy days.

You owned "Klick-Klacks" and smacked yourself in the face more than once ! (OMG these things were so much fun and I was so good at them. I loved them and used to drive my dad nuts with them!)

Your Holly Hobbie sleeping bag was your most prized possession. (I still have a ceramic figurine which is in one of my daughter's rooms. LOL I even owned a Hollie Hobbie tea set as a little girl)

You wore gauchos.

You begged Santa for the electronic game, Simon.

You had the Donnie and Marie dolls with those pink and purple satiny shredded outfits.

You spent hours in your backyard on your metal swing set with the trapeze. The swing set tipped over at least once. (My brothers and sisters basically destroyed this so by the time I was old enough, it was just the frame but we used to do "penny drops" from the bars - hang from your legs and swing back and forth until you got enough momentum to fly off in a forward motion and land on your feet.)

You had homemade ribbon barrettes in every imaginable color. (Mine had beads on the ends of the ribbons LOL)

You had a pair of Doctor Scholl's sandals (my dad wouldn't let me get them, and when they resurfaced a couple years ago, I actually considered buying them just so that I could say I had, had them LOL)

You wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder really bad; you wore that Little House on the Prairie-inspired plaid, ruffle shirt with the high neck in at least one school picture (6th grade for me!!) and you despised Nellie Oleson!

PONG! ("video tennis" ) was the most remarkable futuristic game you've ever heard of ! (We had this and there wasn't another family we knew who did...)

You carried a Muppets lunch box to school and it was metal, not plastic. With the thermos inside some were glass and broke the first time you dropped them. (my mom actually worked at Thermos and I had tons of them and always the best, hard to find ones!!)

You and your girlfriends would fight over which of the Dukes of Hazzard was your boyfriend. (even though I wanted the dark haired guy)

You used to tape record songs off the radio by holding your portable tape player up to the speaker. (I got mine for Christmas one year and can very clearly remember walking down the street listening to it on Christmas Day. It was rainy that day which hardly ever happened in CT on Christmas back in the 70's)

You learned everything you needed to know about girl issues from Judy Blume books.
(Are you there God, It's me, Margaret.)

You wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer. (watched it every week, along with Dance Fever with Danny Terio LOL)

You drowned yourself in Love's Baby Soft - which was the first
"real" perfume you ever owned.

You glopped your lips in Strawberry Roll-on lip-gloss till it almost dripped off. (It was Bonne Bell wasn't it?)


  1. Oh my - it's so true! I totally wore Love's Baby Soft, and I LOVED playing Simon.

  2. How did you get pictures of all my stuff? The skates, bike, lunch box. I wore my moon boots with pride. We would never have fought over the Dukes of Hazard boys- I really wanted the blonde!

  3. So true...
    I always fancied the blonde Duke boy though. ( Bo? ).
    I also had a Simon game and Holly Hobby stuff.

  4. Wow! This is so ME, too!!!

    Have a great weekend!!
    -your FFBE pal