Sunday, July 15, 2007

Home from vacation

I just realized that I think i forgot to post that I was going away for a few days. I had a great time and have lots of stories to tell and pictures to post...but am dog tired after a heinous experience with my flight home on US Air. I do not recommend them at all! (The flight leaving was very stressful too - more later)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

My New Gadget

This is a GPS watch, recommended to me by Kris. It is the most unbelievable thing! I just used it for the first time and am really impressed. It measures; time, lap time, calories burned, distance, heart rate, and a host of other useful tools to aid in the perfect workout. It even tracks your history so you can see where you have improved over time, etc. It also tells you if you are overtraining which I guess is not good. Kris explained it to me as a time when you are no longer burning fat, but are burning muscle. I have so much to learn, but am excited by the prospect.

My hubby just told me I look sexy in "my new outfit". LOL A fat, pale woman in shorts and a tank top. Thanks honey. I love you!

Boy did that workout feel good! My calves and thighs are burning. I stepped it up to run two telephone poles, walk one, then slowed it down a bit to run two, walk two....then after .50 miles, my shins starting burning. Being in the army I know what shin splints feel like and how they can derail any attempt at fitness, so I decided to walk the 2nd half mile. They feel fine now.

Off to wally world to buy more shorts, tanks and socks....

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another Etsy Purchase

Isn't this gorgeous?? I have found a new best friend. This one is called Rhoda and she will do custom dye lots (she doesn't have any of this left but she could be persuaded to make more!!)

I am purchasing two more right now. Her stuff is gorgeous!! (and fairly priced)

Progress on my sock...

Well here it is so far. Don't mind my ugly feet!

I finally understand the construction of a sock so it should be easier to try more complex patterns now. This sock doesn't "wow me"; not the pattern and not the yarn, but it's a sock and it was a good one to start with. :)

I am loving the "2-circ" method. My next obstacle to overcome will be to decode patterns written for DPN's to be knit with this method instead. The pattern I am using for this first sock was written by Cat Bordhi for this specific technique.

Spring Felted Bag Swap bag is complete - almost :)

Well here is my finished bag for the Spring Felted Bag swap. I hope my partner likes it. It's a Basic Pattern, but I chose it more as a canvas for the Needle Felting I wanted to try out. I love it. I am just hoping that it is a style that my partner will like. I actually still need to put thye lining into it, so it's completely done. I'm running a little behind, but hopefully she will think is worth it!

The needle felting was fun!