Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feel the Sweat. Own the Energy.

OMG I went to an Aerobics workshop today with Karla from Sudor Taino. She is a Detective with the Hartford CT police Department. She is so motivational, but a bit nuts. LOL

The workshop was three 45 min sessions. The first one was kick boxing which I have never done and had me drenched with sweat by the time I was done. WOW. What a workout! The second one was a Core Workout. Imagine doing squats etc with your pelvis tilted up. We even did squats on our toes and tons of crunches and bicycles. The third session was Dance. Tons of fun! We did some Salsa moves etc. I don't have much rhythm, but somehow with her leading us, I was able to shimmy, and shake my ass like a real pro (a white, rhythmless pro....hehe). Nevertheless, I got quite a workout, sweat about 40 pounds off (I wish) and had a ton of fun.

If you live in the Hartford area, you should look her up. She teaches at a gym in Newington, CT. I know her because my gym at work had her come in and do an hour workshop a couple of weeks ago (that was when I found out that it was possible to sweat from your eyelids....snort). I am so glad I went. It was the best $30 I have ever spent (as good as the $30 monthly fee I pay to belong to the gym at work which has helped me regain my strength and power).

If you don't work is the time. You just feel amazing. I used to hate to sweat. Now it helps me know that I have pushed all of the negative energy out and replaced it with self confidence and strength.

Today is the day I also decided to get back on the Weight Watcher's Core program too. I have been following it loosely for a few months (since "A" was diagnosed) and decided that I need to get back on track. This month is the year anniversary of the beginning of my weight loss journey. I've gained some weight back since I started at the gym and stopped being careful with my eating. I know some of it is muscle weight, but not all of it is. I still have about 30-40 pounds to get to "my goal".

I earned about 19 points working out today. LOL I'm just going to eat a bit extra at dinner. No more slipping even if I do have the points to spare.


  1. Good for you! That workshop sounds like a real challenge, though fun. I like how you describe it: "pushed all of the negative energy out and replaced it with self confidence and strength." Yup.

    I've just started back to the gym after an 8 yr hiatus. (I know, everyone looks at me and goes "She's so skinny!" but I'm in terrible shape aerobically...) It's very inspiring to hear the stories of other bloggers.

  2. Great! I wish I were as motivated as you are...I need to get back to my morning routine of getting on the treadmill before I do anything else! (In the summertime it's easier to do; no waking up early to get to work!)

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