Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Mitten Swap Blog is up


I think this might be my last one since it is such a hassle to get some people to follow through on sending packages and I get nothing in return for my efforts. That might sound selfish but the knitting swap world is brutal. In my scrapbooking days the hostess always received little thank you gifts which ALMOST made it worthwhile. LOL But not in the knitting swap world...which really kinda surprises me since knitters seem to be the nicest people on the face of the earth. Hmmmmm

So, anyway, if you want to do it one last time...go on over and join. I'm sitting this round out as a swapper so I can focus on getting everyone to do what they promised to do....grrrrr

1 comment:

  1. Nooo!!! Not the last one! What if I help you? :)