Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jewelry and Lampwork Beads Part II

Here is another bracelet I made. It is another "Under the Sea" bracelet but this one is made with Purple and Turquoise beads for Em.

Here another pair of earrings I made. They're simple, but I like them.
These are the rest of the Lampwork beads I made last weekend. You can tell that I got better as the day progressed. My favorites are the upper left hand corner (purple and lime) and the bottom right hand corner (Turquoise, Ivory and Lime - the Ivory reminds me of Toasted Marshmallows).

Dawn (Bead Shop owner) made a bracelet out of her first beads. I liked the idea, so I made a bracelet just like hers. Now I will be able to remember back anytime I wear my bracelet. The class wasn't cheap, but the bracelet ended up costing less than a Pandora bracelet with a complete set of beads. Plus mine is better because I made all of it.

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