Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silver Beaded Earrings

Here are a pair of earrings I just finished making. They're a gift and the prompted hubby to ask if something like that could be sold online. LOL I can hear the wheels in his heads turning.....

I brought the kids to the airport this morning to leave for the summer with their dad. He used a different airline than he had been because the tickets were cheaper. But, when I got there they informed me that my two youngest were considered unaccompanied minors (which they weren't on the other airline) but the oldest couldn't be considered an accompanying adult so I had to pay a $100 fee for it. He'll pay me back, but it's a good thing I had money! To charge a fee like that on top of the ticket without stating so when the ticket is purchased is just bad business. His economy fares turned into not-so-economy.
So, in short, don't fly Delta/NWA. Southwest is MUCH better all around.

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  1. I would pay for those, or for a lesson! I think they're absolutely beautiful!