Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Fluevogs...

I got my new shoes today. Aren't they loverly????

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Whole House is Full of crazies....

...but these two are probably the craziest (and yes one of them is the dog!)
Even though she thought it was creepy, "E" couldn't get enough of my "disembodied" foot "mannequin". She thought it would be fun to model with my new Peeps Socks. Narrative by "E"
and then who can resist taking a picture of the most beautiful dog in the world???
"Wouldn't it be funny if I took a picture of myself smelling the foot???"
"Well, if it's good enough to model socks, it's good enough to rest my head on" (yes that is the foot)
This girl is seriously deranged....
"Hey! Why don't I take a picture of the dog looking at me upside down?" (isn't this the CUTEST picture ever??)
No photo shoot is complete without a wet kiss!
I love these two NUTS!

My New Pot Rack

My mom and step-dad have a pot rack in their kitchen that he built himself. I loved it so much, I asked him to make me one too. I've always wanted a pot rack and thought it would be perfect for my new kitchen. I even bought my first really nice set of pans in anticipation of being able to display them. I want to add to the pan set. There aren't nearly enough saucepans. But, this is a good start. Before now, my pans were a mismatched set that I collected over the years. I feel like a "grown-up" now!

After we hung this up and got the pans on, I felt like it was a real kitchen for the first time since we moved in 8 years ago. "E" said that it felt like home now. LOL Took long enough huh? Who knew all it would take is a couple of coats of fresh paint and a pot rack??

Woolgirl 2009 Sock Club - 1st installment

I got the first package of the new club year. The theme is "Queen of your Knitting - Cleopatra"

For the first time (since I have been a member) the kit included not only a sock pattern but also a scarf pattern. Jen wants us to stretch ourselves and knit something else with fingering weight besides yarn...

The yarn is a nice gold color (of course) and is Zen Yarn Garden. I love the rich color.

This is a small box shaped like a pyramid that had two chocolates enclosed. The chocolates were dusted with gold and silver powder.

Next is a note card with art by an artist who is local to Jen. It's pretty cute and right on theme. Love the sheep!

She also included an annual calendar magnet complete with all of the 2009 shipment dates. Clever girl!

Of course, she included some soak since no good sock kit comes without a sample of soak. ;0)

Her kits usually include a stitch marker and this one was made by Mama Llama. I really like the design. Snag-free!

The project bag is rich looking. It's from Lantern Moon. I love the color combo!

Hand made hand cream...

and finally, a pen that says Queen of Knitting.