Saturday, August 04, 2007

My trip to Savannah (and Tybee Island)

These are my girls, my friends, my family, my confidantes, my beotches, my partners in crime (in some states). I don't want to imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't met them.

We met on a Scrapbooking Message Board about 3-4 years ago, and were casual aquaintances, until one fateful day when I emailed all of them and asked them if they would like to do a circle journal with me. We formed our own Yahoo group and began emailing each other every day. When our circle journals were done, we decided to meet in person and bring them all with us to share with everyone. That was 2 summers ago, and these pictures are from our "reunion tour".

If you've never been to Tybee Island, Georgia, you must go! The ocean is warm and you can find live sand dollars with your feet. But, the best parts that we enjoy most are dinners at the Crab Shack, Breakfast of Shrimp and Grits (ok that's just my favorite) at The Breakfast Club, and frozen drinks on the beach.

This trip we spent time in Savannah. We took a ghost tour (which was lame) and strolled along River Street, drinking more Frozen concoctions from Wet Willy's while we shopped in the stores. (Mmmmm Pecan Pralines).

We walked around to "sight-see" a bit too and went to a Haunted Cemetary where they buried many people who died of yellow fever, some while they were still alive. Because this happened, they would bury a rope with the body that went up through the ground to a bell, so if they had just been in a "coma" they could ring the bell. Men used to have to sit in the grave yard at night listneing for bells. This is where the terms "Dead Ringer" and "Graveyard Shift" comes from. I thought that was interesting.

These are a couple of pics from the cemetary. I thought it was so cool how the gravestones were put into the wall. This site tells why the stones are in the wall.


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  2. Dab, what a fun trip! I am impressed that you and your pals have connected so closely. I'm envious. Your trip report was so interesting. I especially loved the cemetary story. I shared it with my husband who is a big "word and phrases" person. He was skeptical, but then he always is unless it came from him;)
    I just got back from NYC and Tallahassee. 100 degrees and 100% humidity. You people who live East of the Mississippi are stronger than we mild climate dwellers! I have a lot of respect for you.