Saturday, March 22, 2008

I got my Seatbelt Bag!

This is a picture of my Harveys Seat Belt Bag. It came in the mail today. One of my knitting friends, Jenna, has one and I have been coveting it since I first saw her with it at Rhinebeck last year. Hers is red and I was convinced that I wanted a red one, also, but when I saw this new color, Mojito which is new this Spring, I knew I had to have it instead. (the picture does not do the color any justice. It is gorgeous IRL)

The bags are very sturdy, and yes they are constructed from seat belts. Even the handles are made from seat belts folded in half lengthwise. Inside, there is a cell phone pocket, another pretty big open pocket and also a zipped pocket. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (including laptop bags) and also a variety of cool colors and prints. I have a feeling I will own quite a few more of these in the near future!! Visit them at

Today was also "Dyeing Easter Eggs" Day in our house. I let the girls do them all by themselves with just a little bit of help with the measuring. We have a tradition in our house to make a "poopy" egg, which is an egg that has been dipped in every single color resulting in a brownish-green color. It started years ago when my oldest daughter "E" did an experiment to see what would happen if she put an egg in all of the colors, and it's stuck. This year we made two so both girls could do one. LOL This is "A" on the left and "M" on the right. The "inventor" of the poopy egg is "E" and she lives in FL now with her Dad. (nice hair, right? LOL)


  1. Hey - just quickly catching up on my way back from my sister's (a long drive) this weekend. Quickly having dinner and then I have to go to bed. One more thing in common - I have a seatbelt bag, too! I have one of the black & white ones (that appear checkered). I have been enjoying it very much for the last year and a half though it is the baguette size (something like 3 seatbelts by six seatbelts) and it's time for something bigger.
    Anyway have been thinking about you and your daughter. Don't give up on the meds just yet - often they take 4-6 weeks to reach "steady state" in the system, and until then their full effectiveness doesn't get realized.
    Your daughter will learn just fine. A bit of time away from school can be made up for. Stress can exacerbate stuff, so things will generally improve as you all have time to adjust.

  2. Just me. Saying hi. Again :)
    Put up more pictures of your fine self on this blog :)

  3. All i have to say is seat belt bags are INCREDIBLE. I bought one for the first time in the outer banks 2 years ago. i use it daily all year and its in PERFECT condition. * tip for you * whenever you get anything on it, use the tidepen to get it out* it works great !

    But also, i noticed you got the mojito green one in my exact style that i love, and i just went on the website today to order it and "its not there"! i was wondering just by chance if you knew of anywhere that i may be able to find it?


  4. marisa I can't click on your name to find a blog where I can respond to you so I hope you see this....I got it at and just went there to look and it appears the color was popular and they are ALL gone. :(

  5. Hi again! Yes i know, i do not have an account on here, but i was able to see your comment back. I decided to write an email to the address given on and asked about where the purses went. I knew they were just put on the websites just a few weeks ago. I am just so devestated that i didn't get to get it in time. Hopefully they return my email. Its absolutely fantastic that you were able to get one. It will now be your "new best friend." Purse-a-holics! I just didn't know if you knew any small boutiques anywhere that even sold the purses?