Monday, May 26, 2008

These kids are NUTS

We set up the pool yesterday and filled it up. The hose is still running to finish filling it so you can imagine how cold the water is.....

My kids are CRAZY! They didn't want to wait to go in so they are in there freezing their butts off. They had to dare each other to go under. That's like an ice headache from the outside in! But, then again, it's not much different from swimming in the ocean in NH or Maine during the hottest weeks of the summer since that water is always cold (which is why I spend my time in a lounge chair on the beach knitting or reading a book)!

I'll be waiting a few weeks before I get in there. But, I can tell you, I am looking forward to floating around in there with a Margarita as soon as possible....

1 comment:

  1. Well? Are the kids still in that pool?
    Hope you're doing well. Thinking about you.
    I haven't knit since I don't know when. The urge has just totally left me. Weird, eh?