Monday, May 26, 2008

These kids are NUTS

We set up the pool yesterday and filled it up. The hose is still running to finish filling it so you can imagine how cold the water is.....

My kids are CRAZY! They didn't want to wait to go in so they are in there freezing their butts off. They had to dare each other to go under. That's like an ice headache from the outside in! But, then again, it's not much different from swimming in the ocean in NH or Maine during the hottest weeks of the summer since that water is always cold (which is why I spend my time in a lounge chair on the beach knitting or reading a book)!

I'll be waiting a few weeks before I get in there. But, I can tell you, I am looking forward to floating around in there with a Margarita as soon as possible....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

MA Sheep & Wool Festival

I went to the MSWF today and got lots of awesome fiber. Here's a few pics to make you drool:

Merino Silk ----------------------------------Merino Tussah

Enchanted Knoll Farm Merino---------------- Enchanted Knoll Farm Merino
Enchanted Knoll Farm Tussah Silk-----------Spunky Eclectic Superwash Merino

Foxfire Fiber & Design Merino Silk------------ Acker's Acres Bunny Blend (Angora/Merino)
Isn't it boooootiful???
We had a great day. I went up with the gals from my knitting group. (Ladies, I adore you and enjoy your company so much!) "A" went with us too. She enjoyed seeing the animals. She did a little weaving which we all thought was pretty cool and we bought some fiber for her so I can teach her how to spin. I'm glad she is showing an interest in it! :) (Happy mom).
It was much smaller than Rhinebeck and not much yarn. But, since I am all about Roving right now, I thought it was perfect. I enjoyed seeing people that I have met at Webs while spinning with my friend and also some Ravelry friends.
I also took my "2-at-a-time socks" books and had it signed by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. We all sat and knit for a bit too.
Thanks to Lexie, Jenn and Mary Alice for a great Saturday!

Meet my friend Sven....

This is my new little friend. He's an Alan Dart Gnome, and my first AD knit toy. Looking at him makes me smile. :)

I perfected mattress stitch on this little guy. Lots of seaming. But it was a quick knit and will definitely knit some more to keep him company.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love notes...

I came home from work on 4/22/08 and found this in my driveway...

This stuff reminds me why I wanted kids so badly. :) This was a message from my daughter "A" out of appreciation for all of the time and attention I have devoted to her, especially since her diagnosis.

Sock Club stuff

I forgot to post this.....

I got the Loopy Ewe Don't Be Blue Kit since I didn't get into their Sock Club. The kit was cool. Blue isn't my color but the theme was cool and it's Dream in Color yarn so you can't miss. There was also a Chocolate Kiss for the shower which is really cool. It came from a shop on etsy named GudonyaToo. They sell all kinds of cool vegan "Bath" products. I just put in an order for some stuff and can't wait to get it. The kit also included a Terry Ross sock pattern, a blue Loopy Ewe keyring and a small project bag which is currently holding a sock in progress.
So, I'm not as Blue about not getting into the club as I first was because this prompted me to go hunting for another club and I found the Woolgirl Sock Club which I love. Here is my first kit from that club:
It included a Mama Llama exclusive colorway inspired by Georgia O'Keefe's paintings, a really cool sock pattern, a medium sized project bag (which is holding my first sweater project) and a pen, stitch marker and notecards picturing more purple yarn.
So, there you have it. My first sock club kits. Not too shabby.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Stuff in my Etsy Shop

I've been busy today. I put some new stuff in my etsy shop. I made some cool things to help you keep your place in your knitting patterns (like the Pattern Tamers). I call them Knitting Buddies and sell the individually, but have three sizes (6", 9" and 13") so a knitter can buy a whole set. I thought it would be a good idea to sell the individually because I know not everyone has a need for all different sizes, and this way someone can mix and match what they like. I hope they do well. I also have stitch markers for sale.

Here is a picture of them....neat, huh?

Some results from my spinning adventure...

Here is my first handspun. It's Mama Llama C*eye*ber Fiber Merino Roving. The colorway is called "It's a Mystery". You can see where the thick and thin is plied and the plying isn't the greatest. But, it's my first handspun and will become a lovely scarf.

Here is my second handspun. It was dyed by a dyer I found on etsy. The shop is CopperPot Woolies and is also Merino. I have 3 more of her colorways waiting to be spun up. I'm a big fan of her stuff. It's beautififul!

You can see that it has less thick and thin areas and the plying is much better. I did one bobbin with a stripe pattern and the second bobbin, I combined the colors into one big mix. I love the way it turned out. I'm not sure what I can make out of it because I only ended up with 116 yards, but I'll find something, I am sure.

I am working on my third now. I am getting a really consistent thickness and the singles are thin enough that I think I'll be able to get fingering weight out of it once it is plied. The roving I am using this time is Corriedale, which has a longer staple length and is much easier to spin (in my opinion). I chose to leave that one natural and am going to try dying it myself once it is spun up.