Saturday, February 28, 2009

Glenda the Good Witch Sock Kit

Here is another installment in the Woolgirl Wizard of Oz Sock Kit Series and I don't know how Jen will ever top this one!

Glenda the Good Witch

So much thought and care are put into these sock kits. If you have never gotten a sock kit from Jen at, you need to! I don't have a separate picture of it, but this kit even included a sparkly magic wand, just like Glenda's in the movie.

The pattern is called Twisted Cables The Glenda Sock and it is designed by Bethany Whitney. The sock yarn is Tosh Sock by Madelinetosh and the color is Glenda the Good Witch. I am not a huge pink person (even though my stash looks like I am) but this pink is awesome. It's really muted and dusky.

This is a picture of a pencil that was included. Look at the inscription. LOL

Jen has included a stitch marker from WeeOnes in most of her kits. This one is adorable just like the rest. Now I have a Bad Witch AND a Good Witch!
She always includes candy. I hate Black Licorice but my daughter skarfed them up with no problem!

This is some handmade soap. There was a lot of attention to detail put into this. The packaging was classy and so much a part of the overall theme of the package. I am thoroughly impressed with it!

Next is a Sugar Cookie Recipe with 2 cookie cutters; a crown and a star.

I am in love with this bag! It is completely lined and all edges and seams are invisible. When it is closed up, the bottom is a square. It's perfect for a mitten or sock project to take on the go. I just started a new mitten project and needed another bag this morning!

This is a bookmark and it says "only bad witches are ugly". (I know a few of them, trust me!) I got the Wicked Witch kit too and it had a similar book mark in it. I love to read so I can never have too many cute markers!

Finally, here is a notepad. Too cute! Jen never lets me down!! This made my day!!

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