Monday, February 09, 2009

Laptop disaster

Yesterday my laptop wouldn't boot up. I ran diagnostics on it and called Dell this morning with the error codes. Turns out I have a hard drive failure. They are shipping me a new one. BUT, I just designed 8 new sock patterns that I haven't test knit yet and they are on the old HARD DRIVE. :( waaaaaa.

I have a PC guy here in the city who has done amazing things for me in the past with an old computer. I am hoping he can get everything off of the old hard drive before I replace it. If not, I think I might be sick!

Right now, I am using my old laptop that I passed down to my kids and the space bar hardly works and it is missing the e key. (took me forever and lots of editing, just to type this)

Think good thoughts for me please! I need those socks designs. They are so awesome! (all of my patterns that I bought are on there too!)

I bought an external hard drive too. From now on, all of my designs will be saved on both hard drives and as hubby suggested, I will email it to myself and store them in my yahoo account. HINDSIGHT!


  1. When was the last time any of us made a backup disc??!! Oh no! ;0(

  2. OmG! Good luck with the data recovery!!!
    (p.s. I am jealous of you designing you *&@#^%=!! LOL!