Monday, February 23, 2009


Check out this post.

I cannot understand why people feel the need to label activities as feminine or masculine. I think this woman needs to find herself a hobby. She sounds bitter. LOL


  1. She doesn't need a hobby she needs therapy! To lable knitting as something people do because they are bored??? I knit because I enjoy it, it can be either a challenge or relaxation depending on the knit.
    I know there are "male chauvenist pigs" out there but she is the poster child for "female chauvenist pig" of the year. I actually have to feel sorry for her to have that much contempt for men who knit she must be starved for companionship.

    Heck, Rosie Greer does needlepoint or crosstitch I can't remember which and no one could call HIM 'limp wristed'. That type of labeling shows someone who is full of hate.


  2. I read this a little while back, and I must agree, this woman is touched. I think this popped up on livejournal, and you should have seen the stuff fly! While I am all about expressing one's opinion, some people just need to leave well enough alone. My husband knits, and is by no means girly, at all...