Monday, January 02, 2012

China Shirt Refashion

I bought this shirt/tunic/mumuu/whatever-the-heck-it-is in Beijing when I went to China in April. The colors grabbed me, but once I got home and tried to wear it, I looked ridiculous.  I tried tucking it in and that worked ok, except there as sooo much excess fabric that it made it a pain in the butt when I needed to use the bathroom and needed to tuck it back in several times a day.  Plus, it looked like a huge shirt would look when it was tucked in.....unflattering.

So, it hid in my closet for months until I finally tossed it into my Refashion pile and tackled it today.

A web search turned up this pretty Butterfly Shirt from etsy (link to shop under pic).  It is also a refashion, and fit the vision I had for this shirt from the moment I bought it.

Butterfly Shirt

First I took in the sides a little bit and trimmed off a few inches from the bottom.  Then I cut off the sleeve area turning it into more of a tank top.  I hemmed all of the new edges and the sleeves.  Then I sewed a couple of gathering stitches.  I ruffled the sleeves as I pinned them onto the shoulder area.  Finally, I shirred the bottom using elastic thread.

Let me know what you think!

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