Monday, January 02, 2012

Skirt Refashion

Once again, I forgot to take a before picture.  Ugh! 

Imagine a very ugly black skirt that fell somewhere between the ankle and the knee with back pockets.  It wasn't very flattering so I never wore it. But for some reason, I held onto it.

My refashions up until now have been on clothes I found at Thrift stores or eBay.  So, it was time to refashion something out of my own closet.

I love it now!  I cut it just above the knee and added the ruffle so it will fall just at or below my knees. It looks exactly how I planned it.

I took the excess fabric I removed and cut it in two.  I then sewed it together so it was twice the old circumference. I hemmed both sides before sewing a gathering stitch and pulling it into a ruffle. Once it was back to the original size it was easily reattached to the bottom of the skirt.  Such an easy update.

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