Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are you on Ravelry?

If so, can you help? I am knitiot over there.

I was nominated for a Bobby Award for funniest Ravatar.

I am in the lead, right now but the margin is slim. If you think it's funny can you please go on over and click on agree under my Ravatar? It's number 45 at http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/the-bobbys/63865/26-50

This is it...

If you already voted for me, THANKS SO MUCH!!!

(I would be so happy to win this title!!!)

UPDATE - It's Wednesday night and I have over 500 votes (HOLY COW!!!). Thank you all so much! Please keep the votes coming. 2nd place is only 20 votes behind me last time I checked! YIKES!

Kris - I will blog soon. Been busy with work, etc. Lost another two pounds this week and my knitting group is up and off the ground with quite a few wonderful women. I couldn't be happier (even though I turn 37 on Friday!!!)


  1. Well, what happened? I voted. When are the results in?

  2. The voting hasn't closed yet.

  3. I've got a vegetable for your list.
    DO you eat much rutabaga? I actually think it makes a nice snack, but I am crazy.

  4. you're in the lead! and a few votes ahead of #7, but not by much. I don't get that #7 reference. Yours, I get!

  5. It's a reference to "The Princess Bride".

    Voting closes on 1/28. My fingers and Toes are crossed!!!

  6. Good luck!! I voted for you!

  7. Post something new, woman.
    How is your RUNNING going?!
    I have been in a state lately. Walking around, feeling stunned and overwhelmed, and eating TOO MANY CARBS (i.e., chocolate). Crap.
    But, to the gym tomorrow.
    So I am just here, way across the frigging continent, wondering how the hell you are, and what the hell you are up to, and mad that I ate so much chocolate today.

  8. I voted for you last night and WOW!!! You jumped up quite a bit since then. Good luck to you!!

  9. I'm new to Ravelry, and visited your blog JUST TO TELL YOU how hilarious your picture is...so OF COURSE I went and voted. What a hoot!