Sunday, January 13, 2008

tried a Cactus Pear tonight

Cactus Pear is the fruit of the cactus plant. The flesh is BRIGHT fuchsia! Boy that was unexpected. Isn't it beautiful? It has a bunch of seeds in it, that the web says are edible but they were like trying to chew on tiny pebbles so I didn't try too long. The flavor reminds me of watermelon. It was very wet with very little taste, so maybe they are "off-season". I'll try again in the summer, BUT AT LEAST I TRIED IT! Can you say the same?


  1. WOW that is neat! I have never eaten that either. I'm intriqued with your eating something you never have! Way to go on the weight loss that is great! Nice blog!

  2. Unless you just loved it, don't bother trying it again--it's going to taste the same. It's an excellent "desert" fruit since it is so watery, but not a good "dessert" fruit at all!

    But kudos for trying it! I think I've tried all the things you listed, plus a "few" more. Jicama is a good addition to a veggie plate, and is also good shredded into a salad. Very nutritious and good fiber!