Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

This is what I woke up to this morning. This is what it looked like out my front door....

...and this is what it looked like out my back door. Look at that tree! GORGEOUS! and the fence to the left and the right of the tree is a metal chain link fence. It's completely covered.

This is what my dog Lila looked like when she came in after a romp in the snow. She bounds around the yard in it. It's hilarious to watch. (she's affectionately known around here as Wiwa woo-woo)

Then, it was even more hilarious to watch her try to eat the snow off of herself. hehe


  1. Looks wonderful! I'm getting on a plane Wed. and coming your way, and really am looking forward to the snow. (But then, if I had my way, I'd be living there myself.) Today we had hot dry winds, strong sunshine and almost 80 degrees. Yuk!

  2. Oh how cute I just posted on my blog my snow but it is nothing like yours and mine is up at the cabin at my house it is 70'....sorry,...

  3. Oh, to see some snow. I call the snow on Lila, dingleberries. My Muppet, long gone to the Rainbow Bridge, would come in with them.

  4. Did someone just say yuk about 80 degree weather? (shaking head)
    Wiwa woo-woo? That's interesting. My dog bounces in the snow like a rabbit. It's pretty cute. She loves the stuff. Likes to stick her whole head under it and snort and snort and snort. I am not sure what she thinks she is doing, however :P
    Tired & miserable again today. You wouldn't believe my boy story from last night. I met a real doozy. Geezaloo. Send me some cheer.

  5. her official, "REGISTERED WITH THE AKC" name is Lila Oolupay or something like that. She's bred with long hair to be a show dog but then was neglected and we got her from a friend who does rescue. So, hr nickname is Lila Loo Loo oe Wiwa Woo Woo in my messed up language of cutesy baby talk. LOL