Thursday, January 24, 2008


When walking into work the other morning, it was FREEZING and pretty icy. I came upon the large containers that they have at the entry way of work that always host really pretty flower arrangements year round. Because of the time of year, they currently have Pine branches and other branches with red berries all over them. I was awestruck by how beautiful they looked because there was ice all over the berries. See below...

So, as I walked into work, I thought how wonderful and beautiful the world is. :)

Fast forward to this morning, not so chilly.....the berries still had the same AMOUNT of ice on them. So, I bent down for a closer look and reached forward and touched them. THEY'RE PLASTIC!!!! Ice and ALL!!! LOL



  1. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    You are a faboulous knitter, a
    nd your stash is awesome too!

    Have a happy birthday Deb!

    p.s. Too freaking funny. I'm always doing stuff like that!

  2. Okay well as far as plastic branches and plastic snow goes, your picture doesn't make them look totally fake. The world is beautiful, even if cheesy people put fake plastic stuff all over it sometimes.
    I am making these gorgeous wristwarmers out of Patons SWS. I am struck by how beautiful (and frickin fast and easy) they are. It's been forever, it seems, since I knit on straights. Man, I LOVE my straights and I have *missed* my straights.
    What are you up to this weekend? I couldn't sleep this morning! Have been up since 4:30. My body is tired but my brain is alert. I am hoping I will crash in a bit and get those last couple of hours of sleep. But, getting up at 4:30 in the morning, watching Grey's Anatomy online, and knitting yourself a super funky pair of cabled wristwarmers, well, that was actually pretty fun. I have been putting off heading over to my computer to do some report-writing but after a couple of hours of knitting, I think it would be a good thing to do.
    Hope you had a fab birthday, hon.

  3. belated Happy Birthday. Just catching up on reading. That is just so funny about the fake berries.