Friday, September 05, 2008

Back to Quilting....

So, last weekend, I was looking around for decorating ideas, wallpaper, etc and happened upon some blogs that were based on quilting, sewing and other fabric crafts and I found so many fabrics that I just loved. After "link-hopping", I landed at a site called Pacific Fabrics where I bought the 11 fabric prints below. I only bought a 1/4 yd of each so it cost me less than $3 a piece. I think I might make this quilt I found on one of the blogs. There is just something about it!


  1. Hi Deb,

    I found your blog on a google alert I have set up for Pacific Fabrics since I am the web site manager. I was intrigued by your order and it's fun to see what you're thinking of doing! I'd love a picture to post on our blog or put in our email newsletter when you're done. Happy Quilting!

    Annette Millard
    Pacific Fabrics & Crafts

  2. Love your fabrics! I can only admire quilting and sewing. I have yet to line a knitted purse even. (3 different fabrics are waiting for me - reprodepot clearance :)