Monday, September 08, 2008

I've got mail!

I came home to 4 packages, a replacement debit card and a new Lowe's credit card. LOL
One package was wallpaper (a 1970's retro print) for my kitchen. (see below) I am going to do one wall and have to decide what to do with the other walls. I think green would be too much. But. it's all white now and I don't want white. I 'think' I want to paint the ceiling a 'color' and have it darker than the walls (I have high ceilings) but I am not sure what color. My house was built in 1916 so it has a lot of character. I have a pantry off of the kitchen and no cupboards. The previous owner built some cupboards that have no doors They are just a box with 4 holes in it and no doors. I have been seeing these cool looking shelves in kitchens in lieu of cupboards, so I think I want to modify these so that they are shelves instead. I'll just have to buy new dishes so they look good sitting there on exposed shelves. LOL (so what color should I do the walls, ceiling and trim?)

The next package was my new 'skeiner'. I had it hand built by the husband of a raveler named KnittinDeb . If you're interested, you can send her a message on Ravelry. I'm not going to quote the price in case they ever have to change, but it was well worth the price and I had it (freshly built for me) in about a week or so (depends on his project load. I think he is quicker at times but I was happy with the week!!) I'll try to remember to take close up pictures of it's features but you can probably see that there is a knob on one of the arms for you to turn it easily, and it is adjustable if you want to make skeins that are wound smaller than 2 skeins per turn. Also, the arm that slips over the wheel is lined with felt so it won't scratch the wheel (clever man). I love it! I really wanted this because you can take it apart VERY easily to store it flat.

The third package was from an etsy purchase I made at goodwiu . They specialize in 'recycled' goods. This is a vintage clutch that I fell in love with when I happened upon it and it was only $12! Isn't it funky?

and lastly, I finally got my Joe Cool Sock Kit from (the 'finally' is only because it took me so long to pay for it LOL). I'm a big Peanuts fan so I signed up for all of them that she has scheduled so far. The candy and sunglasses have already been claimed by my youngest (pictured below). The patterns look cool. I have to find out who designed them because I couldn't find it on the pattern anywhere. The yarn is from White Oak Studio. It also included note cards that look to be hand stamped, and a really cute square project bag with a drawstring and a Joe Cool keyring.

and just for laughs, I thought I would include a picture of my baby with her 'George Washington' hair. LOL Somehow they figured out how to do with while in the pool. LOL


  1. That's too funny. My girls (8 and 11) did that same hairdo all summer at the pool. "Hey look Mom, George Washington".

  2. Love the wall paper, it's so you!