Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update on my kitchen...

I picked out the paint for the Kitchen. I decided on a lime green that matches the wallpaper for the other three walls, white for the trim (the cupboards that will be turned into shelves and the door and window frames) and TURQUOISE for inside the shelves and the ceiling. I hope it looks as good as I imagine it will. I also bought a really cool ceiling fan to replace the VERY dusty piece of crap I have now It's Black and silver and will match the black and silver in the wallpaper. They had another really cool one that was all silver with 3 spotlights but they took halogen bulbs and we try to use fluorescent only to save money and to leave a smaller carbon footprint. So, I settled on the black and silver one. It'll take 2 60w candelabra base bulbs which come in fluorescent which only use 13w of energy to burn (and they last at least 2 years).

Do you know anybody who is interested in buying a diner style table and two sparkly red dinner type chairs? My 'old' kitchen is/was red.

I also bought the purple paint for one of the kids' bedroom and a new ceiling fan for it too. Back when they were little, one of them tossed a stuffed animal across the room to hit the other one and it hit the fan instead. It has been unbalanced every since and is very noisy. No matter what I have tried, I have never been able to balance it, so for $20 I bought another one. Nice and cheap!

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