Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Free Mitten Charts

I've been looking at awesome mittens on Ravelry and wanted to have them all. So, I decided to try my hand at charting so I COULD have them all. I used the Norwegian Mitten chart that Hello Yarn has graciously shared with the knitting community to chart them on but I plopped them into Microsoft Excel instead so that I could keep them digitally.

A few of them I charted form the mittens I saw and then I designed a couple of my own. I decided to share them with you all. Mitten yumminess deserves to be shared!

These first ones were inspired by mittens I have seen, but the planning, and charting are my own.





From there, my brain went crazy and I came up with the following ones on my own (if they look like any you have seen, please let me know. They are pretty "average" geometric designs so, anything is possible)


Kitchen Wallpaper
inspired by my new wallpaper

Enjoy! I hope you like them. Link back to me if you knit any and send your friends....


  1. Neat charts, Deb, and thank you for sharing them!!!

    By the way, we love that new Life On Mars show, too ;) I'll have to watch for the wallpaper!

  2. Thank you a lot for sharing! I have pinned Kitchen wallpaper on my pinterest

  3. I had forgotten about these. LOL