Saturday, December 06, 2008

My new favorite singer

This week's Private Practice episode played a song at the end that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!! I have a nifty thing on my cell phone that will listen to a song, analyze the song's "DNA" and tell you the title and singer. It couldn't come up with ANYTHING. So I went online and did a search (love me some GOOGLE) and found that it is called Achin' All the Time by Ray LaMontagne.

I am so upset to find out that the song is not available on any of his albums. I guess it was supposed to be on the most recent album but it got replaced by another song. :(

Now I am on the hunt!

Have you ever heard of him? In researching him, I have found that his songs have recently played on Eli Stone, Grey's Anatomy and Fringe, too. It can't be coincidence that all four of these are my favorite shows! (sadly Eli Stone is getting cancelled)


  1. Wow! That is one cool phone! My DH and I are always trying to figure out the songs played on our favorite shows.

  2. I found your site looking for "achin" as well. It appears to the on his LP release, but not any other version.

  3. Check iTunes, they may have a single of it.