Friday, December 05, 2008

Woolgirl Peppermint Patty Sock Kit

I got my newest specialty sock kit from Woolgirl today. It is the next installment in the Peanuts theme and is just in time for Christmas.

It includes a pattern for socks called Peppermint Twist designed by Christina Bain.

The yarn is Yummy Sport Hand painted from Miss Babs (love the colors!!). The colorway is called Peppermint Patty and they even included 70 extra yards of a solid red for heels and toes.

Next is some Peppermint Patty Candy Cane Hot Cocoa. I'm interested in trying it. I love thin mint cookies, so maybe this will be similar. :) Below that, in the same picture, you see a peppermint measuring tape from Lantern Moon. Soooo cute!

The next two items are a Soap Bar and Lip Balm made by Naiad Soap Art

Also, included and shown in the very top picture is a knitting accessory bag by Sheila at Sheila D Bags . I am impressed with the craftsmanship. The red material is corduroy and the peppermint print is adorable. The interior fabric is brown to match the yarn. Also included is a candy cane striped pencil stamped with "Merry Christmas from Woolgirl", Peppermint Patty chocolates and Peppermint Hard Candies, and last but not least, is a beautiful stitch marker with a really cool clear bead with a red core that has a "barber pole" white stripe all the way up the length of the core. That was made by Stitch Markers by Sunneshine at
I loooooove these packages. I needed a pick-me-up today!

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