Monday, January 05, 2009

I bought my first pair!

YAY!! I bought my first pair of John Fluevog shoes. I bought the Bowling ones first since they were "only" $79. I REALLY want the red ones but they are close to $300. I'll only get them if I get a bonus, I guess. I can't wait until they come in the mail. I finally smartened up and had them shipped to work. They ship UPS and require a signature. I'm never here when they deliver so I am always stressed out how I am going to get my package. The bonus is that they charge sales tax if they are shipped to MA and I work in CT. SCORE!!!

Say hello to my little friends.....


  1. Thank you! He's a good little guy and I'll probably have more pics soon. Never joined the club ... maybe next time it comes around. You'll have to share your malabrigo projects/yarn. I don't remember exactly how I found your blog, Fall Felted Bag swap? Anyway, love the shoes!

  2. Awesome, Deb...congrats

  3. Those are great. I own 4 pairs of 'Vogs. One were my wedding shoes, one were my birthday present last year, one was my birthday present the previous year (boots), and one I bought myself (around the same price range as yours). I love them because I have really wide toes and cannot wear cheap shoes at all. And if they don't fit, you can make a trip to the store in Boston and they will adjust them for you (they are nice soft leather than can actually be worked). In fact, they have awesome customer service at the store.

    Hope to see you at knitting one of these months!