Monday, January 26, 2009

Need Help finding pattern

I'm looking for this Pattern Booklet and can't find it in stock anywhere. I want to make the gray/red socks in the upper right hand corner of the pic on the left. I have the yarn but need the pattern. If you know where I can get copy, please let me know. It's Kertzer SRK 403 for their "On Your Toes DK" Sock Yarn.
Thanks for your help!


  1. I dunno Deb - I'm 99% certain I can't acquire the booklet, but if it comes to it I could write up an approximate pattern for you (socks be me bailywick) Let me know, and good luck!

  2. Thanks Lori. I am thinking that I might jst use a basic pattern and just do the heels and toes in red. It looks simple enough. Maybe this is the time I need to learn to do a short row heel.