Sunday, January 25, 2009

No-More-Humdrum-Mittens Swap Round 4 Questionairre

How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? I taught myself just over 2 years ago using after my kids taught me how to do the long tail cast on and the knit stitch.

Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced? I'd say advanced in some areas, beginner in some and Intermediate in most.

What are your favorite colors?Any you dislike? I love Lime Green, Orange, Red, Brown and Turquoise. I also like weird combos like Red, Turquoise and Orange and Brown on a white background. I just love color! I do tend to shy away from jewel tones and pastels unless they are mixed in a trendy combination with something else.

Do you like Latvian type patterns? If so, what are your favorite patterns? Yep - I like just about all that I have seen. See my queue :) I have the yarn to knit the Vinterblomster, Bird in Hand, Fiddlehead, Ladybug and Tiffany already so please don't knit those for me! (I also already have the Sea Mineral mittens from a past round). If something is in my queue, I already have the pattern. I do have some on my wishlist located at

Do you desire mittens for yourself, your "special someone else" or your child? Me please

What is the measurement from your wrist to the tip of your longest finger? 7 1/2 - 8 inches

What is the circumference of your hand at it's widest point? 7 1/2 above my thumb

What other things do you enjoy knitting? socks, sweaters and rectangular stole/shawls

What sort of needles do you enjoy working with? (straights vs circs, bamboo vs aluminum) I have two sets of Denise Interchangeable, 1 set of Knit Picks interchangeable in the colored wood, a full set of bamboo 10" straights, a full set of bamboo DPN's and several 40" long sock needles in sizes 0,1,2, and 3 for magic loop. In other words, unless they are a splurge such as glass needles or ebony/mahogany, I am all set in the needle category. LOL

What’s one project you’ve not yet tried but are dying to make? the Hemlock Ring Blanket

What’s one yarn you’ve not yet tried but are dying to work with? Quiviut!

What other hobbies do you have? Do you spin? Sew? Garden? Cook? I spin on a spinning wheel and have a drop spindle but have not used it yet. I love to sew and plan to make another quilt soon. I haven't quilted in over 10 years though. I love funky patterned materials, especially the Japanese ones and any you can find at repro depot. I want to make a Cathedral Quilt with a bunch of different funky material with an all white background. I have tried to garden in the past but just can't get into it and I hate to cook.

Besides yarn, do you collect anything? Not really

What kind of goodies do you enjoy? Sweets? Salty? I'm on weight watchers so I don't eat too many treats. but the weight watchers chocolates are good. (Russel Stovers makes them)

Anything you hate or are allergic to? Not allergic to anything but I hate white chocolate and although I have tried to become one several times, I am not a tea drinker. I love flavored coffees though, especially Southern Pecan or Coconut.

Do you have any kids? yes, 3 beautiful daughters

Pets? my first and last dog (whose adorable but way too much work and noise), and my first female cat who has cured me from ever wanting another female cat.

What is your favorite part of Winter? Watching it snow and getting to wear mittens!

What is your least favorite part of Winter? Driving in the snow and being cold down to the bones.

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