Thursday, January 01, 2009

shoes GLORIOUS shoes

Ever since the Fall issue of the Twist Collective came out, I have wanted these shoes. They were featured in the sock pattern section of that issue. The shoes speak to me. They are all so funky and I feel a connection with all of them. If any of these sell out before I can afford to buy them, I think I will be devastated. But they are NOT cheap so it will take awhile to get them. Most of them are over $200 a pair. Normally, I wouldn't even consider spending that much for a pair of shoes. But, these ones have so much character. For me, they are definitely worth the money. My birthday is in 25 days, so hopefully my WONDERFUL husband will get me a pair.

Red is such an awesome color. They say, "HEY look at me!" I must own them.

These ones are also very funky. They remind me of bowling shoes and are definitely me!

These ones are my FAVORITE out of all four styles. I just love Lime Green and Brown and to have them together in one shoe is just amazing!

These ones are quite a bit tamer, but I love the color combo. If I ended up with all four pair, these would be the last of the four. I could live without these but I definitely like them.

I think I need a Sugar Daddy! Income Tax Return time is coming, but we decided that we would use this years return to replace the roof on our house (blech! I hate pesky life necessities). I don't think we'll be getting a bonus this year at work either. The economy is in the toilet and it is affecting everything. If we do get a bonus, it won't be anywhere close to the amount I got last year. As with all companies, they're talking about layoffs. I think our division is safe since we have been pretty profitable despite everything. If our division is not safe, I feel that I am pretty safe. It would a very bitter pill to swallow to win a huge award and then a couple months later get laid off. I don't feel that is possible so I am going to "Let go and let God take care of the worry for me."


  1. Oh wow those are awesome shoes. They have a store in downtown Seattle. Next time I'm up there I'd love to see ALL the shoes ALL at once. Funny. I feel the same way about yarn stores :)

  2. aRE THOSE fLUE vOGONS? i adore THEM...i HAD A PAIR OR TWO AT ONE POINToops sorry for the caps, but gave them away. DH had got a half size too small. I am looking to own a few more myself. Have you do the VOGON socks in knitty designed with a pair in mind. Great socks to make

  3. It's too bad you couldn't get the red ones, I totally agree with you!